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Eliot Ward - Head Cycling Coach



My name is Eliot Ward, I am a full time road racing cyclist and coach based in Birmingham, UK. 

I race, train and coach throughout the UK & Europe. 

Year upon year my momentum within cycling has produced greater successes at both regional and national level across Great Britain. 

I have produced numerous race wins, podiums and notably strong results throughout my years competing. 

I race predominantly in elite nationwide racing such as, ITV4 televised circuit racing; The Tour Series and also Premier Calendar events which are the pinnacle of UK road racing. 

I am very passionate about helping others to develop, build and achieve the goals they desire through my vast yet growing training and racing experience. 

I want be alongside you through every step on your journey to achieve the success you deserve. 

In 2019 I will continue to evolve as an athlete performing regularly at the highest domestic level in national road races throughout the UK against the best professionals in the country. I will also ride in prestigious races overseas.

I am hungry, I am dedicated, I am persistent, I believe in myself to the core, I am a winner and I have to win.  

Those working with me will feel these attributes to success, anything is possible with belief and this unique environment.


The drive, energy, knowledge and guidance you will receive here at Body Performance Method will push and maximize you as an athlete from an amateur level requiring careful work/ life balance and a family to full time professional. 

Make this year, your year. Lets make success your duty!

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We train to ultimately bring about  

adaptations, this is a term that describes the changes (hopefully improvements) that both mind and body experience as a result of your training, and the holy trinity of overload, progression and recovery, when applied correctly, help maximise training adaptations.

If you look closely at the three principles that bring adaptations and you’ll see there’s no rocket science involved here. They simply summarise what most of us with a rudimentary knowledge of training already know to be true: in order to get better you have to push yourself a little harder than is comfortable (overload), gradually increasing training load (progression) until you need to rest (recovery). Easy in principle but many riders struggle to implement these three simple processes into their training or, worse, ignore them

So contact us at bpm and let us guide you towards the best method for implementing them and boost your performance

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Everything from multi-day rides across America to your local 40-minute crit race comes with specific advice on the best way to prepare, be it via books and magazines, online, from specialist exercise coaches or just your club buddies, always keen to give you the benefit of their experience.

With all this information flying around it’s hard to know where to start. You hear of riders undertaking complex interval sessions and supplementing their training with special diets and strength-training programmes.

Technical and tactical aspects play a major role in certain events and need to be developed in tandem with fitness increases, but where do you start on day one? What do you need to work on exactly, Strength? Speed? Power? Endurance?

When faced with the sheer diversity of what you need to improve, and the sheer volume of information on how to go about it, riders often suffer a kind of option paralysis where they choose none and end up simply riding their bikes rather than training. Clearly, this is no way to improve.

Let bpm coaching remove the questions from your training and provide you with a bespoke training solution, so that all you have to focus on is putting in the hard work and achieving the results you want.

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