Sports Therapy / Sports Massage

Recovery is key to performance!

Sports Massage has evolved over time to its current therapeutic form. The positive effects of sports massage as a technique for muscle rehabilitation, maintenance of muscular performance and injury prevention are supported by medical science. 


It is no surprise to see that top performing athletes regularly have a sports massage whether that be 'pre-event' in order to prepare their body for performance, 'post-event', to reduce any build up of muscle tension and to aid in flushing lactic acid and other toxins that build up in the muscles during an event and 'maintenance massage' systematically programmed into their training schedule to enable high training effort/load whilst reducing the likelihood of injury through overtraining and or fatigue.

Being an avid triathlete myself I have experienced first hand the benefits of regular sports massage to both enable me in managing high volumes of training as well as for injury recovery and prevention. It is vary rare for any athlete or sports enthusiast to not pick up niggles or muscle tension whilst training or participating for single or seasonal events/races. 


In any programme of training, 'rest and recovery' are as important as the technical, progressive overload, speed and endurance elements. An essential part of recovery is ensuring the muscular system remain capable of providing the optimal range of movement and capacity for the additional training stresses that it must endure to enable performance development. 

If you are currently training to improve your performance or to achieve a physical goal then ensuring that you have regular sports massage will provide you with an additional tool to continue pushing your body with a significant reduction in the chance of injury.  

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