April Haithwaite - Performance Nutrition


In order to push yourself and achieve your best potential you must train your body and your mind creating the strength and endurance necessary to meet your goals. This transformation involves a number of factors, but at the core is decided by nutrition. Every  aspect of your body, from muscle fibers and brain cells, to ligaments and toe nails is created by you, from the nutrients you feed your body. Training and exercise increases your body’s requirement for these nutrients and a strong body cannot be built without  the right building blocks. Good nutrition is the foundation of good performance.


The importance of nutrition means there is always new research and literature that can often seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to determine what will work for you and what you require for your specific goals. As a Dietitian I am trained to critically appraise  the latest research using recognised methods and extrapolate appropriate and practical advice for real life. I am also skilled in translating public guidelines into realistic advice personal to you. I have a strong knowledge of nutrition and hydration, but  also experience in the practical ways to include this advice in your own life. For you this means guidance in developing personalised diet plans, targeted at your particular goals and designed to fit with your lifestyle. Additionally, for those athletes looking for every possible advantage, you  will have access to private consultations to guide you towards the right diet for your needs by selecting our 'Gold' packages.


The culture of our coaches is to thrive on the name of our business, we are 'Body Performance Method' and the insight and expertise across the wider spectrum of coaching means you wont just get a generic training plan you get personalised advice to encompass all aspect of getting the best performances by leaving no stone un-turned!

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