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Tri-Sports Coaching

Triathlon coaching, Swim coaching, cycle coaching, run coaching, Tri,  Midlands, West Midlands,

Our dedicated team of professional coaches will guide and support you to new levels of performance!

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Sports Therapy


 Give your body the respect it deserves for the hours of training it allows you to develop! 

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Strength & Conditioning


If the foundations of your performance are not developed alongside a strength and conditioning programme you are limiting your potential! 

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In the same way that a Formula 1 racing team meticulously develop the best fuel for their cars to get the best performance, we as athletes must be as diligent about what we eat to have our engines working at an optimal capacity! 

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Bike Fit


The difference between being comfortable and efficient on your bike could be the difference between winning or a DNF.

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bpm Training Camps...more info coming soon.


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