Sports Focused Strength & Conditioning


'If you're not doing it you won't reach your full potential!!'

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'BPM's philosophy'

'It should form the foundation of an athletes capacity to improve, often discounted for sport specific training sessions when for most athletes a well designed S&C session will be of more benefit than a 'grey area' swim/bike or run session' If you neglect this aspect of training you will fail to reach your full potential as an athlete' 



Strength and conditioning is fundamental for developing athletes of all abilities for a multitude of reasons. Body Performance Method will encourage their athletes to focus on both their basic postural and movement patterns through key strength training exercises and 'sport focused' conditioning modalities.

As with the Body Performance Method Coaching, your strength and conditioning programme will be periodised in relation to your specific sports based goals to compliment the wider training plan. Having this fully integrated approach to training with 'exclusive discounts' on our wider sports massage / sports therapy services you will give yourself the best chance of injury free progressive, targeted training to achieve your highest ambitions!